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Try the following useful links to help resolve some of your problems

  1. Google Pack
  2. Microsoft security essentials Free from MS. Designed to protect against viruses, trojans, malware and malicious software - not bad - recommended if you have no money.
  3. For the latest threats to Windows see Microsoft Security Portal
  4. CCleaner Removes unused files from your system- good kit.
  5. Internet Speed Test
  6. Spybot anti spyware
  7. Print cartridges cheap!
  8. Mozilla Firefox browser latest version
  9. Thunderbird Email handling package
  10. VideoLan - Free DVD playing software
  11. CD burner XP free software that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs.
  12. Ubuntu - Linux based operating system - simple and easy to use
  13. Xubuntu - Linux based operating system - uses less resources than Ubuntu
  14. WOT - Web of trust - good protection when deciding what website to visit

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