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We pride ourselves on our ability to repair laptops quickly and efficiently. Unusually, we are able to repair to motherboard level and we are usually able to source parts for most laptops.


Please keep your receipt safe - it enables both parties to track the warranty.

We are not responsible for loss of data or programmes. Please ensure you backup your data before bringing the item in for repair.
Our charges include VAT. The following lists the most common problems :-


Unsure what's wrong? Phone 01223 305007 and ask to speak to a technician



£ inc vat
Hourly rate Work charged per hour.
Before taking your laptop to a repair shop it is best to carryout a couple of simple tasks:-
1) If possible back-up your important data. Use a memory stick or write to CD/DVD or external hdd. If this is not possible take a little time to write down exactly where your important data is filed (this helps a technician to retrieve the data).
2) If you are powering your laptop via a UK/Foreign three pin plug adapter - don't -  try to buy a UK lead that  avoids the use of  any plug adapters. Some adapters are poor quality and do not work properly.
3) Sometimes a laptop will not start not because there is anything inherently wrong but simple because its "flux capacitors"  aren't in tune (or whatever!!). Remove the battery and then replace it. Try switching the machine on. By resetting the machine it sometimes starts working.
4) If your laptop appears to work - all the lights flash on and things buzz along- but there is no display - It is sometimes possible to get the laptop to display on an external monitor. Simply plug the monitor into the laptop's VGA connection and turn both on - (sometimes you will have to toggle the laptop's FN keyboard button simultaneously with the laptop's monitor keyboard button). This will at least allow you to use the machine.

Initial Booking in fee

To try and ascertain what is wrong. Not charged if work carried out


When a laptop is booked in for repair it goes into a queue to await the services of a technician - usually within 48 hours. However, if you are in a hurry we can start work on your laptop immediately provided you agree to pay an extra charge over and above what we would normally charge

additional express service charge 

Laptop crashes soon after start up. This could be because the inside is clogged with dust and  fluff, overheats and crashes. We dismantle the laptop and clean the inside.

Another factor maybe poor design. Some laptops run hot. Changing to a slower  processor can help. Buying a fan cooler to sit the laptop on and which is specifically designed to cool laptops can also help.  

cleaning from £48+
File system error

Blue screen error which can indicate the file system within windows has become corrupted and requires fixing. Usually a relatively simple fix, however, the fault could also indicate a possible problem with the hard drive which caused the files to become corrupted in the first place. 

If the hard drive has become damaged with a few bad sectors it is sometimes possible to fix (re-magnetise) these sectors using special software. The fix is only a temporary measure to allow the customer to backup important data. The hard drive may continue to operate for months but it also may fail within hours. Such repairs carry no guarantee beyond the fact that the hard drive should operate long enough to effect data backup. 



Windows reinstall Software problems may require Windows to be reinstalled. £59
Hard drive failure Can usually be diagnosed by the sound of constant ticking (death rattle) as the hard drive "head" crashes against the revolving discs. The problem with this tale is that not only does the drive have to be replaced but so does Windows. There is also the labour charge in removing and replacing the hard drive. needs a diagnosis for a quote

Nvidia Graphics
Huge numbers of laptops (and desktops) are abruptly dying due to the failure of the Nvidia graphics chip soldered on the computer's motherboard. In such cases the laptop, desktop or Macbook suddenly stops working. Subsequent attempts to power back on result in a failure to boot or a failure to display video or both.

Apple has extended  their usual 1 year warranty to 4 years to cover this issue. Sadly nearly all other manufacturers have tried to avoid their Nvidia problems.  If your laptop has failed and has an Nvidia graphics chip (usually indicated by an Nvidia  sticker next to the mouse pad), we suggest you check with the shop where you purchased your defective machine (you will need the original purchase receipt) - some shops will help even if the machine is years out of guarantee. If not, we may be able to repair the laptop. Unfortunately, experience has shown that such repairs only last a limited period of a few months and in our opinion not worth doing.

Power to Motherboard

Battery fails to charge and then laptop stops working even when plugged into the mains. Usually caused by the power socket on the motherboard becoming damaged/detached from the motherboard . Repair of  the power socket requires completely dismantling the laptop and replacing the power plug on the motherboard.

Broken USB sockets - broken audio sockets Similar story to above -same conditions. The USB sockets become detached from the motherboard. Very labour intensive repair, although in this case its much cheaper to simply buy a PCMCIA USB card adapter (around £20 or less) and use the USB sockets on the PCMCIA card adapter. Same applies to audio sockets - buy a USB audio "pocket/card" = £12+- £72
A/c adapter broken tip end socket Instead of replacing the adapter - the adapter's tip can sometimes be replaced. Unfortunately,  the quality of tips (manufactured from far away) is such that they are likely to break if not used carefully and as a consequence we are reluctant to carry out this repair unless it is the only solution. We have tried to find better tips but have been unsuccessful and as a consequence only give a  30 day warranty to tip replacements. £30 to replace tip
A/c adapter not working We carry a large stock of adapters and can usually supply what you may need. Prices range from £30 depending on type. Best bring in your laptop so that we can ensure we supply the correct adapter and all is working satisfactorily.
usually £30
Broken screen

We can usually replace broken screens. The cost will depend on the size but is usually around £120 (inc vat and all labour costs) for a 15" screen


This is when the screen fails to illuminate. The laptop continues to work and the images on the screen can just be seen but its extremely dark. We can usually replace the backlight. In many cases the backlight does not illuminate, not because the backlight itself  has failed, but because the power inverter is defective. 



Power inverter repair (symptoms as above). Price can vary according to the cost of the inverter

usually around £60
Back up
Obviously its best that you back up your work before bringing in a PC/Laptop/mac  for repair. If you wish us to backup we will but we will charge
usually £40 but could be less if its small
Data Recovery

If your hard drive fails, the data can be retrieved but in some cases this involves specialist equipment and can cost several hundreds of pounds. We do not carryout such work However, in many cases although the drive is inoperable, data can be retrieved relatively easily and we can help

from £48+

If your laptop has problems due to a virus or spyware we can sometimes remove the "malware" although its  far more effective and usually simpler and cheaper to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows. We can do this. If you wish us to backup your data there will be an extra charge (see above).

No money? Try  the free security package from MicroSoft  - MSE - its actually not bad considering its free

We sell a full security package from KASPERSKY for £25

Virus removal from £48

£59 For a windows reinstall


U-buy-we fit We don't have any problem with customers sourcing the part - such as a screen from the likes of eBay and asking us to fit the item. Please be advised that it is you that is making the diagnosis and we only act as your agent in fitting. Payment maybe asked for before we commence work We do not warranty parts you buy elsewhere. You will still be required to pay our charges even if the part you supply us does not work.
 description  time/£
Fit a replacement screen £30
Fit an identical replacement  motherboard. This is just fitting and ensuring the laptop turns on. It doesn't include resolving software issues. 2 hours
Fit a replacement keyboard £30
£48 per hour
Liquid damage Very common. If it happens to you:-
  1. Unplug from power (if connected)
  2. Turn the machine off immediately.
  3.  Remove battery
  4. If liquid has come from atop, turn upside down. If the liquid has ingressed from underneath DO NOT turn upside down.
  5. Mop up excess liquid (toilet tissue is OK and normally near to hand). DO NOT be tempted to  turn the laptop on until it has been dried out.
  6. Do NOT use a hair drier to dry the machine - we have seen many cases of melted keyboards as a result of this.
  7. Have a technician (or someone who knows how) open the machine up and clean and dry the inside.
Speed is of the essence. For water based incidents (water, tea, coke etc), corrosion starts almost immediately therefore the quicker the cleanup starts the better the outcome.

Even by taking these precautions the laptop's motherboard or keyboard could have been damaged  by the spill.  Usually the hard drive has enough resilience in its construction to avoid being damaged by a minor spill  and therefore your information is most probably safe but its not always the case particularly if there is a lot of liquid involved. 
Notwithstanding all of the above, we have a reasonable success rate in bringing liquid damaged laptops back to life.
£48+ depends on liquid & how long it takes to clean
Insurance report Many people have  home contents insurance that cover mishaps such as accidental damage. Sadly, the system is often abused and as a consequence we no longer  write reports. not available
Storage Charges We have limited space and cannot be expected to store items for longer than 3 months. When booking in an item for repair customers will be asked to sign a Booking form which states that any equipment left with us for longer than 3 months will be recycled. When we have completed our work we will advise you.  At this point, customers are requested to promptly collect their equipment - remember - after 3 months your equipment will be recycled and you will not be able to reclaim it. Free for the first 3 months, thereafter £1 per day until it is recycled


Prices correct at the time of publication. Errors and omissions excepted

Sometimes we make mistakes when writing this page - if so - we are sorry


We accept the following credit cards:
visa, mastercard, switch, solo

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