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New items come with a one year guarantee.

Second hand items usually have a 3 month guarantee some very low cost items have a month guarantee.

Please keep your receipt safe - it enables both parties to track the warranty. This is particularly relevant when giving refunds. No receipt - no refund (we can sometimes trace the purchase on our systems if you have some other proof of purchase but this is not always the case). If you have paid by a card, the refund must be made to the same card. If you have paid cash, you will be required to give your full name and address and sign for receipt of any cash refund.

The warranty is a return to base (RTB) warranty. That is, the customer is responsible for returning the equipment to our shop and collecting the equipment once it has been repaired. The warranty covers parts and labour.

We do not sell items on a trial basis and in consequence we are not obliged to refund monies for goods that the buyer simply does not want because they "are the wrong colour" or similar reason. If we do agree to accept the goods back we reserve the right to charge a reinstall/restocking fee. If you have paid by card then the refund will be to the same card.

If you have purchased an item which later transpires to be the wrong type and wish to exchange it for the correct type, bring the item back (with its packaging and receipt) within 7 days and we will exchange it. If there is a price difference you will pay or receive the difference.

Items covered by our warranty that are considered unrepairable will be replaced with a product of at least equal specification. Should a product be replaced, the warranty period will not extend beyond the original specified period or 30 days which ever is longer.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Inappropriate use and incorrect operation - (e.g. The warranty does not cover impact damage or liquid damage or power surge damage)
  • Damage caused by virus attack such as (but not limited to) a Cmos virus which can destroy a motherboard and render the PC useless and uneconomic to repair. Customers are advised to install anti virus protection.
  • Second hand laptop power batteries and other consumables (i.e. Cmos batteries)
  • Loss of data. In this regard it is most important that vital data is backed-up on a regular basis and most certainly before bringing a computer in for repair.
With respect to repairs. Once our work has been completed, please collect your equipment promptly. When you book your equipment in for repair with us, you will be asked to sign a 'booking in' form which amongst other things stipulates that if you leave goods with us for longer than three months the ownership title of the goods will pass to us for recycling. PLEASE NOTE: We have very limited space and therefore goods left with us for longer than 3 months will be levied a storage charge of £1 per day starting from the time the equipment was booked in.

WEEE regulations makes it not cost effective for us to process orders over the internet or by mail order where the customer wishes to purchase a NEW product.

Due to potential fraud issues we don't sell much by mail order (distance selling) but if we should then the following applies:
  1. With respect to goods purchased by credit card/debit card over the phone (customer not present); we will only deliver to the address of the credit card holder. The item will be consigned to the named credit card holder and to no other person. We do not have a web based payment system. To buy from us (customer not present), the puchaser will need to phone us (01223 305007) during our normal hours (Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm) and give details as required over the phone. You will be asked some security questions - if we have doubts we will not process the order.
  2. When buying by mail order (including online auctions), the method, cost and timing of delivery will be agreed in writing between the parties at the time of negotiating the order.
  3. By English Law we must advise you of your rights when buying via mail order. In this regard please see what the law has to say on this subject. ‘Distance Selling Regulations’
  4. If the customer does not want the goods they have purchased by mail order, they have the right to cancel their order and ask for a full refund. Cancellation of the order must be made in writing within 7 working days of receiving the goods (counting starts from the day following receipt of goods). We recommend you advise us by email (info[at] quoting the relevant invoice number.The postal address to send the cancellation notice and also the pertaining unwanted goods is: Computer Resale, 4 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AD.
  5. When returning goods for whatever reason the customer should ensure such goods are securely packaged to prevent damage.
  6. The purchaser will be responsible for the cost of returning unwanted goods (as defined in the Distance Selling Regulations). The exception to this is when the goods on delivery are found to be faulty or we are at fault then the cost of returning the goods shall be to our account.
  7. By law we must refund within 30 days (we are usually much quicker)

We do not send unsolicited emails nor do we use cookies to obtain information.

If you happen to get your laptop wet turn it off immediately - immediately unplug from the mains and remove the battery. DO NOT turn the laptop on again. Seek professional advice

None of the above affects your statutory rights.

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